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Below are comments we have received from other satisfied stair lift users.

My dad is 90 years young and has Alzheimer's disease. I live in Florida and he lives in Massachusetts. My mother is 87 years young and is his main caretaker with much help from my older sister. Everything changed for me the day that I heard that my dad had to crawl upstairs because he was too weak to walk up the steep stairs to his bedroom. I went directly to my mother to make arrangements to have a refurbished Excel stair lift installed. The refurbished stair lift was installed in no time and at a reasonable price by ThyssenKrupp Access Corp in Milford, Massachusetts.

The reason that I am writing this e-mail to all the above people is to stress and share three very important facts. Number 1, when any child is miles away from their sickly parents, the amount of worry and stress on them is tremendous and sleepless nights become a way of life. Number 2, if I were not a former planner for the State Office of Elder Affairs, I would not have known where to begin to help my parents. Number 3, ThyssenKrupp Access's Accessibility Consultant, Allison Carlson, and also the young man that installed the stair lift were so knowledgeable, warm and compassionate to my mother and me that we now have peace of mind.

My former co-workers probably already know that the majority of the surveyed baby-boomers say they plan to retire to the southeastern states. If they leave their aging parents in older homes such as New England has, these boomers will have the same experience I just had. I'm hoping that the state will increase educating Area Agency on Aging Planners about new or refurbished health and safety equipment and list how or where senior family members can secure this equipment on their own. We all have the same goal, and that is to enable older adults to remain in their homes instead of being forced into nursing homes. Thank you ThyssenKrupp Access Corp for great service and peace of mind and thank you Ted, Paul and Annette for reading this message.

- Jackie Whyte
Palm Coast, Florida

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