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What are stair lift installation regulations?

With planning, stair lift installation can be remarkably simple.

Many states are very lenient on their stair lift installation regulations and allow people to do it themselves. StairLift USA, however, does not recommend that anyone attempt to install a stair lift themselves.

Some states, such as Michigan, Connecticut, Washington and Oregon, have very stringent stair lift installation regulations which require a certified professional to install the unit and include having the lift inspected.

The best way to be sure of each particular state's stair lift installation regulations is to either contact a dealer to speak with or contact your local governing authority who will also know which regulations your stair lift installation may fall under. Stair lift installation regulations not only apply to state codes, but county or city municipality codes. Any of the dealers suggested by StairLift USA will be happy to discuss your options regarding the installation of a stair lift.


The home evaluation is the first step to finding out if a stair lift is right for you and your family.

We recommend you schedule an in-home evaluation with a local stair lift consultant before you make a purchase.


The stair lift consultant will provide valuable insight on stair lift needs, use, type, and positioning. The home evaluation is necessary to take accurate stair case measurements and provide a stair lift recommendation. The home evaluation typically takes 30-45 minutes.

The stair lift consultant will verify the following measurements and requirements at the
home evaluation:

  • Length of staircase - Commonly known as the A to B measurement. This is the measurement along the nosings from the upper to the lower landing.
  • Width of staircase
  • Rise and Tread - Number of risers and the height of each measured from tread nose down to next tread. Depth of tread measured horizontally from step nose to step nose
  • Stair Lift Position - Left or Right side of the stair case
  • Outlet Requirements - A standard electrical outlet must be easily accessible to operate the stair lift
  • User Requirements - Options needed specific to the users' needs