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Stair Lift Features

From folding armrests to remote controls and battery back-ups, as well as a range of customization options, stair lift features can fit nearly any need, taste, or lifestyle.

  1. Any Staircase, Anytime.  Stair lifts can be installed on many different types of staircases: Straight, Curved, or Spiral.

  2. Safety First! Stair lifts come with obstruction sensors so the lift can detect something in its path and automatically stops so you can remove it. They also include seat belts.

  3. Ease of Use. Most stair lifts swivel at the top and bottom allowing the user to safely get on or off the lift. Remote controls are provided to call the stair lift up or down the stairs.

  4. Blends into any home décor. Most stair lifts fold when not in use to provide easy access to the stairs. Many stair lifts offer different fabrics and colors so you can customize to your taste.

  5. Options, Options, Options. Stair lifts come with many different options. Some have folding tracks, different controls, folding arms, and others that allow you to paint the rail the stair lift rides on.