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The more questions you ask about stair lifts the more you will realize stair lifts will make life easier for you and your loved one immediately - for years to come.

Can a stair lift handle any stair lift configuration?Close/Open
Stair lifts can be configured to handle any staircase. Most staircases are either straight, have a middle landing, or are curved/spiral. In some cases, a customer who has a middle landing can put 2 stair lifts in, one on the first set of steps and the other on the second set.
Do I need to do anything special to prepare the home for a stair lift?Close/Open
Not really, unless you don't have an electrical outlet to support the operation of the stair lift. In this case, you would need an electrician to install an outlet before the stair lift is installed. In some cases, the stair rail might need to be removed if it obstructs the operation of the stair lift.
How is the stair lift secured to the home?Close/Open
The stair lift is bolted down directly into the staircase. It requires rail brackets about every 3-4 ft.
What is the difference between A/C and BOS? (Pros and Cons)Close/Open
An A/C unit is operated from the standard household outlet. If the electricity goes out, the stair lift will not operate. There are no ongoing costs to support the operation of this unit like there are with the BOS.

A BOS (Battery Operated System) is operated by standard 12V batteries. The BOS will operate if there is an electrical power failure for as long as the batteries last (typically 10 trips). Batteries for these lifts need to be changed annually. Typical cost for 12V batteries are $50-$75. 12V batteries are similar to those that operate children's Barbie or play cars driven on driveways.

Will my stair lift operate if the power goes out?Close/Open
An A/C operated unit will not operate after the power of the house is terminated. A BOS (Battery Operated System) will work for a limited time.
How much space does a stair lift use?Close/Open
When not in use, the lift can be folded up, maximizing space on the staircase for others. It takes up about 14" when folded and typically opens to about 25".
Will a stair lift work for someone who also uses a wheelchair?Close/Open
Stair lifts can be useful even for someone who has limited mobility. Convenience features built into some models include folding arms that push up and out of the way, adjustable seat heights, and soft, padded seats.
How will the stair lift look in my home? Close/Open
You can typically choose from a wide variety of colors and fabrics. Upholstery options include easy-to-care for vinyl and fabric. Chair and track colors can be chosen to blend with most home d├ęcors.
What about safety features?Close/Open
Key safety features on most stair lifts include a seat belt, obstruction sensors that will stop the lift should something block its path, a swivel seat lock that holds the unit in place while you get on or off. Constant pressure controls ensure the lift will stop if you release your finger from the controls.
Are stair lifts easy to care for?Close/Open
Yes. Stair lifts are designed to last for many years. Most stair lifts come with a manufacturer's warranty.
Can a stair lift accommodate any user weight?Close/Open
Most stair lifts handle up to a 300 lb capacity. Some manufacturers offer stair lifts up to 375 lb capacity.

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